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“Ear tones” – intermittent short lived tones, occurring in either ear, which many people seem to experience. Often times they are preluded by a pronounced muting effect, where the sound in the room seems to abruptly shut out as the tone then fades in. So it’s a tone that fades in, goes on for a bit, then fades back out. But it’s not to be confused with tinnitus, the chronic condition of damaged eardrums where one’s ear(s) constantly ring or hum, (as I understand it).

Yes the approach is mostly scientific but also shamanic in a sense, the experience can be a form of meditative trance.

Maryanne Amacher’s sound pieces for example. A particularly good example is “Music for Sound Joined Rooms”1980.

Ear tones are not  like those a boxer hears at the stage of KO but probably not too dissimilar either. Thankfully I have never had the displeasure of being knocked out cold.

In the spirit of buddhist teaching I would suggest that the experience of ear tones is one of an altered perception. Holding an ear tone is as much of an achievement as a moment of flow. 

The goal can never be focused on too desperately or it can not be reached, there must be a balance of focus and distraction. A kind of coaxing oneself into and beyond a meditative state.

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