Gestalt thinking and creating.

“The challenge of all teaching is to integrate a genuine authority in the facilitator with the autonomy in the learner” [Heron 1993]

The Gestalt perspective on growth [Perls, Hefferline & Goodman, Book Two] puts learning right at the centre of human life, and tells us that, in the broadest sense, living, growing and learning are inseparable.

“Learning is the acquisition through human activity and the exercise of human faculties of knowledge, skills and attitudes”.

Ultimately, all learning is ‘experiential’, deriving from human experience. We learn by awareness and action (and sometimes our action is retroflected into thinking); by interacting with the world in a variety of different ways; and the end result is that we change ourselves in the process. We think, behave, feel and act differently as a result of ‘the learning process’; we acquire new patterns which we describe as knowledge, skills and attitudes. However, there is no such thing as ‘the’ learning process; learning may be the outcome of any activity or experience. If we actively involve ourselves in what we do, if we participate, we will learn something – about the subject matter, ourselves, the teacher…there are no limits to the possibilities of learning in any situation.


vita contemplativa

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