Distinction being essential and division (dualism) unnecessary

So what are we attempting to do here?

We are considering models of resistance which go beyond duality and focus on dealienation. Dualism, the division of something conceptually into two opposed or contrasted aspects, or the state of being so divided, is the foundation of our current world, product of the cartesian model. The separation of mind and body as too distinct entities, the view of a universe consisting of stelar systems noted by disconnectedness, or self containment. This is not an ideal foundation of our future but the present is slow to change. Systems of thought are beginning to merge and combine in ways that are infinitely more enlightened than the lens which seeks difference. Commonality is the way forward and interconnectedness the key.

How do we resist and focus on dealienation? John Halloway writes about changing the world without taking power, Habermas develops a life world in which interpersonal relations are brought into a more open, more generous space. Considering the need for privacy and publicness is perhaps vital here and has been totally usurped by a media choosing one over the other. It is never the medium alone though is it? Resistance comes into play after the fact much of the time. For example people have, en mass, become involved in the phenomena that is facebook and beginning to realize, late in the day, the extent of the hidden motives and agendas at play behind the scenes. Blind following, whether of religion, self-help gurus, new technologies, the effect is the same, potential problems will have developed to near chronic levels by the time adequate resistance is shown.

Blindness such as this is part of the cartesian model. It allows implosion. This is fueled by language and reinforced by value ….An understanding of actions in isolation. In effect, a lack of acceptance of the connectedness of all things, whether the keyboard to the oil rig, the toothbrush to the island of plastic in the Pacific, and the negative attitude to the cancer diagnosis, understanding a holistic model is resistance. So then, dealientation? How do we dealienate families in their homes, workers at their stations, dreamers in their dreams? Much is assumed in this instance but it is my understanding, speaking from personal experience, that it initially takes disengagement. I have observed behavioral changes in myself and people around me disengaging with contemporary mass media. For example, a family with two young children who is not exposed to several hours of television everyday, leads a very different life than one which views television as a normal part of everyday life. The children in the first example (noting that television was not replaced by the internet of video games) are more engaged in physical activity, arts and crafts, music, reading, talking, and expressing themselves. The parents are much more aware of the states of emotion and mind of each other and their children. This decision not to part take in an activity which removes them from themselves consequently dealientates them.

There is enough information on the effects of television, media, technology and so on, with a list of medical conditions to match, schizophonia is my current favorite, but the point is, that generally speaking the problem arrises out of dualism. Social discourse is still very divided perhaps partly because most humans are overworked and now favor being presented with an experience over actually having an experience. Awareness and mindfulness solve many problems and empower distinctly.

[Distinction being essential and division (dualism) unnecessary].